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The annual conference of the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP, former ESSOP)


took place from 28.-30.09.2017in Budapest and has been summarized by our board member Nadja Tarivedian:


This year's leading theme were „Children on the Move“.
Main topics apart from reports (non- und governmental) from Greece, Hungary, Schweden, Island, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Austria, Slovenia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Japan, Israel, Pakistan, India, Australia and Germany were:
- Understanding of culture, xenophobia and discrimination in paediatrics and how to work with it
- Child rights based approach - Advocacy for fleeing children and migrants of minor age
- Violance against children, child protection

The aim of this conference was to find criteria of health and well-being for children on the move, which would then be published in the near future. The ISSOP advocates for a uniform standard of delivering health services to all children regardless of their "status" and distances itself from using the currently available methods of age definition in children. Alternatives of age definitions like the psychosocial method used in Great Britain were being discussed. The Euopean Academy of Paediatrics is currently developing a guidelines for primary medical encounters with migrating children in Europe (to be published soon).

 Interesting publications by the ISSOP are to be found at, i. e. the following statements
- Migrant child health (publshed in Child: care, health and development)
- Social determinants and child health (currently under revision)

Further interesting links:
- Master of Migrant Health at the university of Pecs (in cooperation with the university of Greifswald),
- Annual conference of the organization "Politische Kindermedizin" in Salzburg on the 10. November 2017 with focus on medical services for migrating children
- Next annual conference of ISSOP will be taking place 2018 in Bonn. There will be another session on migrating children, more information at





Statement by the German Society for Paediatric Infectiology (DGPI), the GTP and the BVKJ about care for migrants regarding infection prevention (in Geman): Download the PDF or follow this link

Please take notice of and support a current petition to install a commissioner for Child Health in the German Bundestag.
More information to be obtained here:


As an initiative of the German NGO "Ärzte der Welt" as well as other partners an open letter has been directed to the German Ministry of Collaborations (BMZ -  Bunderministerium für Zusammenarbeit) asking for support of WHO's "Every Newborn Action Plan" directed at reducing newborn mortality worldwide. Read here the very supportive reaction of minister Dr. Gerd Müller (in German).